Maize Valley: Part 3

The Rest of the Story

Anyone who’s been to Maize Valley Winery’s Fall Festivities already knows that there is no way to capture the whole “rest of the story” in an afternoon of shooting (photos). What follows is a selection of images from its Pumpkin Patch and the back half of Maize’s wonderland of play.


Two points of interest:

1. I hung out in the pumpkin patch for a couple of rounds of visitors, all transported there by hayride. I chuckled at the following observations:

  • Most kids literally jumped off the hayride and sprinted through the pumpkin patch, driven by the excitement of finding the perfect pumpkin.
  • I had to laugh at how kids I saw in the 8-and-younger set who were transfixed by the a small number of green (still-growing-and-not-quite-ready-for-pickin’ pumpkins). It’s like those things had a kid magnet on them! And every Mom made one or two retorts to the kids who wanted the green ones:  It was either, “Honey, I think that’s a watermelon,” or, “Honey, let’s get a bigger orange one.” lol!

2. While watching a handful of teenage boys jumping haystacks to some made up game of their own, I overheard one say to another, “Hey, this is actually pretty fun.”


Now, speaking as one who is undeniably passionate about the stranglehold that video games and other sedentary time wasters have on our kids (everything in moderation is my motto), had you been telepathic enough to get inside my mind on hearing the young man’s comment, you would have seen me mentally texting back to him the equivalent of “IKR!” (Translation: “I know, right?”)


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