Catching Up: At the Shore

It’s been a long seven weeks, as some of you know. Losing a family member kept me away for some time, but we’re back and prepping to launch a new venture (which I will announce here at some point).

In the meantime, I managed to get away for a day or so while I was out on the Coast. Here are a few images from the Delaware/Maryland shoreline and Assateague Island.


Little Creek:


Rehoboth Beach



Indian River Inlet:


Wild Ponies of Assateague (More to Come):








Fantastic work, Kami!!
Welcome Back


Wow, British fish & chips and in Penny lane!
Loved your seashore collection.
Only thing better than seashore for ‘land’scapes is sea AND mountains together.
You need to get to NW Scotland sometime!?

Thank you, Dick. We have to get together for a shoot. Seriously overdue.

Hey Toya,
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I have wanted to go to Scotland since I was a kid. Hope to get there one day! Have to see if I can get one of my photo pals to go and make an excursion of it. Appreciate the comments.

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